Community at CJ's Café in Bronte

Community at CJs Cafe in BronteAttention:  Community Groups, Non-Profit Agencies & Schools

Did you know that CJ spent over 15 years working for NGO’s and charitable organizations before opening the Café? 

Here are some ways CJ’s Café can help your organization. She:

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Nazaneen Jabarkhil Education and Health Centre Afghanistan

There are many, many worthwhile causes to support in the world and there are two main options for donating:  give a little to a lot of charities or give as much as you can to  a few. 

 At CJ’s Café in Bronte, the only cash donation goes to one main charity, the Nazaneen Jabarkhil Education and Health Centre Afghanistan near Jalalabad Afghanistan.

The Nazaneen Jabarkhil Education and Health Centre was started in 1980 by Nazaneen Majeed, an Afghan refugee herself, to provide education for children in the refugee camps in Peshawar, Pakistan. It began in Nazaneen's house, but later moved to a larger building supporting students from five different refugee camps. It still supports over 800 refugee girls. Ms. Majeed has now established two junior schools and one high school in and around Jalalabad, Afghanistan with attendance of 4000 girls. These schools are a registered NGO called Nazaneen Jabarkhil Education & Health Centre.

Every Easter Monday and Thanksgiving Monday, customers can give a donation instead of paying for their coffee.  The donation box is also available for the week before each of these days so people can donate.  So far, we have donated approximately $2,500 towards teachers salaries, carpeting for the kids to sit on, books, and other needs.

This has been selected because:

  • the school was fundraised for, built and supported by women from Bronte who are regulars at the Café.  Everything they have done has been voluntary so 100% of the money goes to the needs of the school
  • our country is involved in Afghanistan, and this is a way to add to the work Canada is doing
  • as a woman who had access to education and now owns her own home and business, I feel deeply about the importance of supporting education for future women
  • the school is mixed-gender, so that boys and girls are experiencing each other as peers in learning
  • the school is supported by the adults of the community

Check out the pictures and you can see that the children were so hungry to learn that they went in all weather – cold, flood, heat, wind – to a side-less, torn tent. 

Nazaneen Jabarkhil Education and Health Centre Afghanistan

Through the support of these Bronte women, a proper brick school was built that functions also as a community centre for this poor area where it is the main physical structure. 

Our donations help the school maintain operations.

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For donations of $20 or more you can get a charitable tax receipt.